99cent weekend findings!

We just returned from a  long and productive 99cents only excursion… we visited 3 different locations. Some people do drugs to get their kicks; we scour dollar stores! The trip was quite productive, if only because we finally found the Bertolli Ravioli we have been on a hunt for all week (thanks to the 99 cent chef for the heads up on this one)! Below are the top finds from each location.

North Hollywood (Lankershim & Moorpark)
 Toll House MINT SWIRLED Chocolate Chip Cookies
These look super tasty and are simple to bake if you have friends coming over last minute and want to treat them to delicious cookies.
North Hollywood (Victory & Vineland)
Bertolli Mushroom Ravioli in a Mushroom Cream Sauce
We bought 8 bags!
Burbank (Victory & N. Buena Vista)
Stouffer’s Corner Bistro Margherita Flatbread
It’s not often you find great microwavable vegetarian meals. Especially not for 99cents!
And finally, we thought you might enjoy a picture of what our freezer looks like. When we find something fantastic and rare, we like to stock up on as much as possible! So between last month’s vegetarian Boca Chili and today’s ravioli, we’ve got quite a collection…
Remember, if you guys come across an amazing find at 99cents only, let us know!

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