Free Bakeware!

By Danit

In case you weren’t aware, silicone baking products are all the rage nowadays! And LA Decostified is going to make you the coolest kid in town with these free silicone products…

The Great Indoors is offering a free silicone head spatula between now and  Saturday, April 4th. Print your coupon and bring it to the customer service desk at The Great Indoors to receive your free spatula! Please note that the store has only two California locations – Burbank and Irvine.
Secondly, our friend Tara sent us this next offer for free silicone Burnless Bakeware! The website lets  you choose exactly what free item you’d like to receive! Choices include Burnless Bakeware muffin pan, fluted cake pan, loaf pan, and many other sweet options. The company will charge you $1 to ship the product, but that is a very small price to pay for these items (each valued at about $20)!
Happy Baking!


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  1. Anonymous

    There is a catch to this – make sure you read the fine lines.


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