Getting the Most of Your Gas Mileage…

Although it is exciting that gas prices are well under $3, we still value getting good gas mileage and making the most out of each fill up! We’ve done some research and compiled a short list of simple gas saving tips – small changes that could make a big difference. Additionally, we’ve included a list of very useful websites that could help you in your quest to make your gas tank last!

LA Decostified’s Top 5 Gas Saving Tips:

1. Slow Down:  Gas mileage decreases rapidly once you exceed 60mph. In fact, every 5mph you drive over 60 costs you roughly an additional $0.24 a gallon for gas. Ideally, when not on the highway, you should try to keep to a steady 40 mph to get the best gas mileage.

2. Stick to the Main Road: Avoid rough roads whenever possible. Dirt and gravel can rob you of up to 30% of your gas mileage (and it could make you kind of nauseous too… which is never fun)!

3. Air Conditioner vs. Open Windows: At lower speeds, you’re better off opening the windows to cool down. At higher speeds, open windows (and a sunroof) will just cause wind resistance and make it harder on your car- using up more gas. So unless it’s 90
 degrees out… the general rule is windows down at low speeds and A/C on at high speeds! We found one Consumer Reports article that said this didn’t make a measurable difference, but there were so many sites that said it did so we decided to leave this in.


4. Avoid Idling: This one is huge. It’s important to turn your engine off if you anticipate being idle for a minute or longer.  By turning your engine off every time you’re idling, you’ll be making a small change that’ll make a big difference in your fuel economy!

5. Drive Smoothly: Hard acceleration and braking is a major gas killer, and it’s also really bad for your brakes & engine (take it from the girl whose parents own a “Brake World”). This one is harder than it sounds, as stop-n-go LA traffic makes it nearly impossible. But try to make those stops as smooth as possible and you’ll be saving about 3 mpg (depending on your car). 

For a more extensive lists of tips and stats, check out this  article.

Handy Websites:
Gas Buddy – We’ve raved about this one in the past…our favorite gas price comparison website. Simply type in your zip code and a lovely list of your local stations and updated prices will come up. 

Cost To Drive – Cost To Drive lets you input your trip and type of car and gives you an accurate estimate of how much your trip is costing you! Especially useful if you’re trying to decide between public transport or driving, and even more useful when planning road trips!

E-Ride Share – This site is great if you are looking for carpool buddies! They help you find anything from people who work in your area, to people who want to carpool to the grocery store. Carpooling will save you money, make your trip more interesting, and let you drive down that coveted HOV lane on the 405!

Go Loco – The Facebook of carpooling sites! Go Loco helps you connect with friends and friends of friends to share trips. You get to create a profile about your likes and dislikes while on the road and search for carpool buddies that have the same preferences!

Looking to do lunch with your friend that lives across town? MeetWays will help you find the perfect halfway point between two locations, and even let you search specific businesses in that area! 

Metro – We say it all the time, but too many people are hesitant about using public transportation in LA! The Metro site is extremely handy in helping you plan your trip and lists very accurate train times.

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