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OMG, Jason! You're gonna be in so much trouble when Mom gets home!

We recently found a great resource for Gallery openings in and around LA so from now on every Monday we will reveal a new Art Party Agenda! Every week we’ll look for the best openings, call them to find out the details, and pass that information on to our readers! We will make sure they are open to the public, let you know if you have to RSVP, find out what they’re serving, and anything else we think you need to know! We can only pick a few for each day so if you want the full list check out the openings section of The Mag LA. Obviously today isn’t Monday but we just couldn’t wait to share our new discovery with everyone, so here’s some opening receptions to get you through the weekend!



Armory Center for the Arts brings you Raymond Pettibon and Yoshua Okon. The two artists have come together to present a video installation about the lives of Hippies and Beach Bums living on the sand in Venice Beach.
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Place:  Map
Serving: We’ll let you know when they call us back

Kim Light Gallery  is holding a group showcase featuring nineteen artists inspired by David Bowie’s song “Sound and Vision”. There will be paintings, sculpture, drawing, and neon installation all utilizing the color blue. Note: David Bowie is not among the listed artists but if you wish real hard and click your heels together maybe he’ll show up.
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Place: Map
Serving: Free Beer, Wine, and snacks.

Circus Gallery is unveiling The Rise and Fall of Shame from artist Jason Yates. Circus Gallery’s website describes the exhibit much better than I could: 

The new works in The Rise and Fall of Shame are about creating a total environment. Dyed curtains partition the space; the sculptures, paintings and murals are reflected in mirrors that are etched with the same patterns as the works that they reflect. Yates’ work is inspired by such diverse sources as history, philosophy, politics, underground rock music, drug culture, and working-class dandyism. 

This sounds pretty damn cool to me. 
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Place: Map
Serving: Free Beer and wine

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