Art Party Agenda: 6/8 – 6/14

Thursday, June 11th
Look Gallery presents Locals Only a collection of works designed to show the diversity found in Southern California’s art world. Pieces include everything from “Street art” to “Museum-level abstraction”. This exhibit is not based on a particular theme but instead, curator Mat Gleason tosses the labels aside and hand-picks his artists on their work’s transcendent ability to encompass the Southern California spirit in its multifarious forms. Featured artists include:

Oliver Armslook
Roy Thurston
Linda Arreola
Stephanie Mercado
Jaime “GERMS” Zacarias
Eric Zammitt
Carolin Peters
Lola Ramona
Tim Youd
Time: 6 – 9pm
Place: Map, 1933 S. Broadway, Space 111, Los Angeles CA 

Machine Project presents Farewell to Analog TV featuring a talk by Jason Torchinsky about mechanical televisions, to be followed by a countdown to the demise of analog TV. Basically they’ve built a giant pyramid of analog televisions and will watch them all go static in unison as analog signals are forever extinguished. 
Time: 10pm – 12am(ish)
Place:  Map, 1200 N. Alvarado, Los Angeles CA 

Deborah Martin Gallery is hosting home A video Installation by Artist Mia Babalis and new Oil Paintings by Deborah Martin. These works showcase the boarded up house as it stands ready for destruction. These modern ruins stand as a monument to a time, place, and people we may never know. Sounds creepy and very, very cool.
Time: 7 – 9pm
PlaceMap, 209 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles CA 

Friday, June 12th
C.A.V.E. Gallery brings you Curious Oddysees, a group show. Since their website doesn’t have an official description of the show and I’m not a trained art critic all I can tell you is it’s a show featuring lots of artists and their really cool, kinda weird work. I understand that’s not very helpful so I suggest you go to their website to see what I’m talking about.
Time: 7 – 11pm
Place: Map, 507 Rose Avenue, Venice CA 

4887-thinkspaceThinkspace Gallery presents Beneath The Seams, a solo exhibition by Sarah Joncas. Often I find it best to let the artist speak for herself: While referencing cinema, particularly film noir, my paintings for this show have been an exploration of ambiguous narratives and the pregnant moment. Swarming feelings of anxiety and alienation became the atmospheric motivation as vignettes of the private and mundane developed into environments of the haunted and dramatic. The act of voyeurism is also considered as the female lead in majority of the works appears absorbed by her own interior space, uncertain whether she conscious of her attention, like an actress (exhibitionism), or simply oblivious (introversion).
Alongside Sarah Joncas, the gallery will also be  
showcasing the works of San Diego based artist Kelly Vivanco and Vietnamese artist Tran Nguyen as part of their `Fresh Faces’ series. 
Time: 7 – 11pm
Place: Map, 4210 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles CA

Saturday, June 13th
MorYork Gallery features an installation by Daniel Brodo. Brodo has filled the gallery (and we’re talking wall to wall, floor to ceiling) with a giant cardboard statue. Following a rigorous and idiosyncratic system of comparing his random “quick pick” numbers with the official winning numbers and jackpot size of the Mega Millions© lottery, Brodo calculates angles and edge lengths to determine the final shape of a 6 sided polyhedron unit, basically a distorted cube (with one open face). Way too much math for me but I’d like to see what came out! 
Time: 7 – 10pm
Place: Map, 4959 York Boulevard, Highland Park CA

povPOVevolving features a solo exhibition by Daniel Seifert, better known as Attaboy. The show is an onslaught of meticulously hand-cut shadow casting spray varnish stenciled plastic pieces, elaborate “exploded view” drawings, and a Gooberry Patch in the back room, where visitors can pick an unripe ned talking pull string Gooberry Plush and take one home to abuse. In addition to enjoying a kick ass show, if you come out early enough you will be able to snag some iphone, ipod and laptop skins of Atta’s recent work to embellish your electronic life…
Time: 6 – 10pm
Place: Map, 939 Chung King Road, Los Angeles CA

 Hopefully this gave you a good amount to see this week but if you’re looking for even more art to sample, check The Mag LA for a complete list of this week’s openings!

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  1. June 8, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    This is an awesome post! Of course, I won’t be here for these shows, but definitely keep posting gallery shows and exhibitions. I’ve been wanting to see more art around LA!

    Talk to you guys soon and good luck with the rest of the POM promo

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