Unlimited Flights for Under $600

Jet Blue sure knows how to create some buzz! It’s only been a couple hours since they announced the All-You-Can-Jet pass and everyone is talking about it! But really how could they not, this is an incredible deal…


I want to be in each and every one of these planes next month!

I want to be in each and every one of these planes next month!

The All-You-Can-Jet pass offers unlimited travel between September 8th and October 8th, for only $599. Taxes and fees are included in the price for all domestic flights and these are over 50 destinations for you to choose from! This could be a great opportunity to catch up with old friends around the country (hey, hopefully you’ll have a place to stay that way too) or just explore the US!!  My favorite part about the pass is that you can book flights as late as 3 days before your trip, and there are no change/cancellation fees if you make the changes more than 3 days before the flight. And lets not even get into how much we love Jet Blue for their direct-tv at every seat and (free) snacks!  

For more information on the pass and instructions on how to purchase one, visit their website.

On a related note, we are currently accepting sponsorships offers for our across the country in 30 days trip! We can shoot fun videos for you! Bring you back some souvenirs! This could be part of a great marketing campaign for your national company…right?

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