Freebies Are Fun!

Honey Nut Cheerios: Who doesn’t want a delicious free (mini) box of cereal??

burts acneBurt’s Bees Acne Solution: Super easy form to fill out and you get your sample in 4-6 weeks! Just say you have “moderate acne”. I said I didn’t have acne and they denied me my sample, but that was silly on my part.

Lacoste Perfume: They let you choose between a men’s cologne, or one of two women’s perfumes. Seeing how expensive Lacoste stuff usually is, even a tiny sample is probably worth a few bucks!

Girly Things: I didn’t know how else to call this handy kit filled with all sorts of tampons, pantiliners, pads… FUN STUFF!  I’m pretty sure this website (“Being Girl”) is for teenagers but they didn’t deny me despite my age. One bad thing: they make you share a friend’s email. so that she can get samples too, but I just made up the info. Shhh!

imagesFree Arby’s Tomorrow: The time has come. Tomorrow (8/26) is your last chance to get a free sandwich at Arby’s as part of the Wednesday Freebies that have been going on all summer. Tomorrow’s deal is a free Beef ‘n Cheddar with soft drink purchase!

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