A Dirty Little Deal on a Magic Show

dirtysecretWhen was the last time you went to a magic show? Now when was the last time you went to an adults only magic show? Well now you can get your magic fix and clear your conscience this Thursday (12/17) at 7:30pm with “Dirty Secret Club – LA”!

This Magic show features host Derek Hughes, Rob Zabrecky, Michael Rayner, The Platt Brothers, and a mystery guest! This show ran for 2 years in London and features artists who perform at The Magic Castle (a much pricier show). The show is usually $20 but one of our readers let us in on the secret! Use the promotional code “Meetcode” and get your ticket for $10! Buy your tickets soon because who knows when you’ll get another chance to see a show like this without making your money disappear! Click here to get your tickets and read a little more about the show!

WANT A FREE TICKET??  Follow us on Twitter and tune in tomorrow (12/16) at 11am PST for your chance to win!!

Thanks to our lovely magician’s assistant Katy for letting us in on this one and providing the free tickets for the twitter giveaway!

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