Most Random Freebies Ever

Doing research for this blog is always a little tricky because I put a lot of effort into finding freebies that I think would appeal to most Angelenos.  However, while sifting through the freebie sites, I come across some pretty ridiculous stuff. So ridiculous in fact, that I had to share some of my favorite random (and useless) freebies out there!  Enjoy!

International Railway Journal: Get your subscription to this magazine dedicated to rail transit.

Depends Adult Diapers: Could be a nice addition to grandma’s birthday present this year…

Tanning Facts Sticker: Who wouldn’t want a sticker that promotes indoor tanning?

Gardener’s Idea Book: Need help sprucing up that luxurious Hollywood garden of yours? This will help!

Anti-Chafing Gel: I didn’t realize they made this stuff.

DZNuts Anti-Chafing Gel: Just when you thought the above freebie was the most random ever…this one has it beat.

Gas-X Thin Strips: Takes 8-10 weeks for delivery…so you might want to find another solution in the mean time if you’re having gas related issues. Just sayin.

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